Putting up a Yurt june 2010

Dave and Jenny made this 6 meter yurt for me. I was pushed for time to finish the platform before the yurt arrived on site, but Dave came and helped with the construction and to lay the floorboards, after which things happened remarkably quickly…

A big thank you to both of you for having taken so much care to create this beautiful yurt.

I love the doors….

To finish, we waxed the floor with a mixture of bees wax, real turpentine spirit, linseed oil, powdered cayenne pepper and essential oil of lavender….

I used too much bees wax, very hard to remove the excess. My grandmothers would have laughed to see me do this, but the end result was worth all the effort.

Once again, thankyou to all for your help, I have never had anything so beautiful.

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